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Changes in the market place prompt the need for a flexible work force with life long learning skills. Meeting this increased need for training and staff development may be challenging as companies restructure to better serve their markets. Our five service lines help companies meet and exceed their training expectations.

Training and Instructional Design

Training Partners Plus, Inc. works with clients to provide training interventions and solutions that meet behavioral based performance objectives. We follow a structured methodology yet maintain the pragmatic flexibility needed to get the job done. Read More

Process Mapping and Performance Improvement

Training Partners Plus, Inc. provides expertise in process mapping and performance technology. Utilizing process mapping techniques and the Human Performance Technology (HPT) model, we help clients understand their processes and possible areas for improvement.Read More

Systems Analysis and Documentation

Our services in this area typically fall into two categories. One category is the assessment and analysis of existing proprietary systems in order to create user documentation and training. The other category utilizes our process mapping expertise and understanding of systems to help clients define business and user requirements for new systems. Read More

Marketing Services

A natural synergy exists between marketing and instructional design that is anchored in behavioral objectives, communication platforms, and variety in media delivery. Becky Lucas, the owner of Training Partners Plus, Inc. earned an undergraduate degree in marketing from Indiana University and continues to pursue her interests in this area providing this value-added service line to clients. Read More

Professional Development Workshops

Training Partners Plus, Inc. offers a wide range of inexpensive workshops that can be used within the client's internal training department to develop internal consulting and instructional design skills. Read More