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Client Testimonials

We recently used Training Partners Plus to process map a complex system in which five functional groups perform various tasks. Our goal was to use the process maps to improve efficiencies and for future training materials. Our facilitator not only kept us on track, which was not a small task, but became familiar with our systems. We would not have been able to accomplish this task without the facilitators excellent skills. Not only were the process map sessions great, but the service the company provided was excellent."

- Karen Papp, Pharmaceutical and Development Manager

"It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Becky (Training Partners Plus) over the last two years. She has shown herself to be the consummate professional and the experience of working with her has been very educational. She and her staff have been invaluable in leading our company's food safety training initiative. Comments from the plant personnel have been nothing short of glowing in regards to the level of service and attention to detail. I only wish that all the contractors I work with were as attentive to their work as Becky is to hers."

- Mike Page, Quality Project Manager Kraft Foods Operations

"Training Partners Plus is a full service consultant. They bring a vast array of experiences to address all of our training and development needs. Training Partners Plus has exceeded all of our expectations."

- Gerald J. Kovarik, Sr. Training Consultant ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, Inc.

"During my many years of working in a corporate university, I have outsourced portions of major training initiatives. Once I worked with Training Partners Plus, I had a new experience. I was no longer stressed out to ensure the third party was reaching milestones or creating deliverables that reached our standards. I no longer questioned whether it would just be easier to do the work internally rather than spend the time to get a "vendor" up to speed on the organization. I found that Training Partners Plus acted as an extension of our department. Not only have they helped solidify and clarify strategies with us, they have gone above and beyond our expectations with quality work and creativity in every project. The high intelligence levels and experience offered by Training Partners Plus makes people like myself, who run corporate universities, look good under high-pressure circumstances."

- Marie Sasso, Manager of Training and Development True Value University

"Becky has worked on several projects and has proven to be an asset to the team as well as the work. Her attention to detail has resulted in a more thorough outcome. Her adherence to timelines ensures project completion without "fire drills". Becky requires little direction and returns a complete product that has always met our needs. Communication is another strength as she always stays in touch and keeps us posted throughout all phases of her responsibility. Her knowledge and background has proven useful as a resource/contact for leads and reference materials. Her attitude is always positive and upbeat making her a pleasure to work with."

- Jim Pikul, Director Sales Policy & Sales Training Kraft Foods