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Alien Speak™: Structured Interviewing Client Interviews

Sometimes it seems as if our clients and subject matter experts are speaking a different language. Using a simple six-step process for structuring interviews, this creative and interactive workshop will prepare you to conduct an interview with a spaceship alien in which you will practice adapting your interview based upon alien responses. get

Facilitating Structured Meetings

No matter what your meeting needs, Training Partners Plus can facilitate the for you or teach you how.

bullet Facilitate Structured Meetings

bullet Facilitate Focus Group Meetings

bullet Facilitate Brainstorming Meetings

bullet Facilitate Process Mapping Meetings

bullet Facilitate Project Wrap-Up Meetings

From Trainer to Consultant

One day you're the content expert, standing in front of the classroom delivering training and the next thing you know you are a training consultant responsible for identifying training needs. This workshop helps you understand the difference between the role of trainer and the role of internal training consultant. Specifically, you will learn how to evaluate the validity of training requests by using a Performance Analysis Flowchart to identify quick fixes, training, and non-training solutions to performance problems.get

Market It, Promote It! Sell It!

Come fill your shopping cart with a do-it-yourself kit of tools and ideas to market your products and services. Basic principles and marketing concepts are presented by a marketing professional who understands the training and performance technology business. Participants can either work from scratch or bring works in progress to create a marketing plan, take-away promotional material, and a sales presentation outline. Supplies will be provided but participants may want to bring laptops. get

Marketing Your Services

This course introduces you to basic marketing concepts that can be used to give direction and purpose to your marketing efforts. This course guides you through a process which shows you how to know your product and your customers. You zero-in on what you want from your marketing efforts, and how much you are willing to invest. get

Process Improvement

Process Improvement Workshops are offered based on the time available to the participant and the level of content detail desired. Check each of the following to choose which workshop most fits your needs.

bullet Half Day

bullet Full Day

bullet Two Day

bullet Three Day

Selling Your Services

This course reviews basic marketing concepts and the relationship between the promotional mix and personal selling. Participants will learn about the 6-Step Selling Cycle and how to target their sales efforts based on where the consumer is in the purchase decision. get

So What? Analysis™: Defining Features and Benefits

In this workshop, you will discover what you do, and why what you do is important to your client by asking the simpe question, "So what?" get

Strategic Planning

This course is a step-by-step process which leads you through defining a strategic mission, objectives, tactics, and personal action plans. Strategic Planning is very interactive and includes a forced pair voting process to prioritize tactics. Everybody gets involved in thinking, deciding, and implementing. get