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Your rewards in life will be in direct proportion to the contribution you make.

- David McNally,
author of Even Eagles Need a Push









Training Partners Plus, Inc. is built on the underlying principles of partnerships and collaboration.

Partnerships with clients.

Offering practical approaches while being cooperative and flexible in helping our clients reach business goals. After all our success, in earning trust and repeat business, is dependent upon the success of the client initiatives we support.

Partnerships with individuals.

Contributing to the professional development of client employees and colleagues, through collaborative sharing, individual coaching, or staff development training as appropriate.

Partnerships with affiliates.

Bringing in the right expertise to get the job done efficiently. We routinely partner with graphic artists, programmers, IT professionals, and human resource professional just to name a few.

NorthWest Network Affiliate.

The NorthWest Network was the brainchild of Becky Lucas, Training Partners Plus, Inc., who hosted the first meeting in 1994 and continues to sponsor and provide leadership to the group. Becky believes that the secret of good networking is that the more you put into the network, the more you get back.