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Marketing Your Services

Length: Half Day

Cost: $75.00 (per participant) 

Minimum # of Participants: 15

Maximum # of Participants: 30 

Course Description

This course introduces you to basic marketing concepts that can be used to give direction and purpose to your marketing efforts. This course guides you through a process which shows you how to know your product and your customers. You zero-in on what you want from your marketing efforts, and how much you are willing to invest.

Course Objectives

The participants will learn how to:

bullet Define a marketing strategy for three specific products or services
shim based upon the four Ps of marketing

bullet Define promotion objectives for one specific product or service

bullet Develop one piece of promotional collateral to support the
shim marketing strategy and promotional objectives

Course Outline

bullet Workshop Introduction

bullet Marketing Strategy

bullet Visualize Your Market Goals

bullet Visualize Your Market Basket

bullet Market Positioning

bullet Marketing Plan Lunch

bullet Promotion & Selling

bullet Promotion Mix

bullet Promotional Collateral