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From Trainer... To Consultant

Length: 4 hours

Cost: $75.00 (per participant) 

Minimum # of Participants: 15

Maximum # of Participants: 30 

Course Description

From Trainer ... To Consultant is an interactive course for employees who have come up through the ranks due to excellent performance and their ability to teach others, but now find themselves moving from stand-up training to training design and internal training consulting.

Course Objectives

The participants will learn how to:

bullet Identify the difference between the old role of trainer and the
shim new role as consultant

bullet Question the validity of training request before moving forward
shim with a project

bullet Use a Performance Analysis Flowchart to identify quick fixes,
shim training,and non-training solutions to performance problems

Course Outline

bullet Learning Objectives

bullet Exercise: Defining Moments

bullet What is a Consultant

bullet Skill Sets

bullet Exercise: All in a Day's Work

bullet Thinking Styles

bullet Self Assessment

bullet Exercise: Skill Development

bullet Creative Behaviors

bullet Exercise: Coat of Many Colors

bullet Internal vs. External

bullet Exercise: Ins and Outs

bullet Consulting Relationships

bullet Consulting Phases

bullet Performance Consulting

bullet Performance Questions

bullet Case Study