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Alien Speak™: Structured Interviewing

Length: 2 hours

Cost: $55.00 (per participant) 

Minimum # of Participants: 15

Maximum # of Participants: 30 

Course Description

To get the most out of your interviews with subject matter experts,
this interactive workshop introduces a 6-step interviewing process. Participants get a lot of practice planning and conducting an interview. They watch a movie, create goals, and have a deep and meaningful chat with a real alien! This workshop is creative, clever, fun, and packed with information.

Course Objectives

The participants will learn how to:

bullet Define the goal of the interview

bullet Prepare a list of questions, frame and re-frame questions

bullet Plan and conduct an interview with the best source

bullet Know when you are finished with an interview

bullet Take structured, readable, and useful notes

Course Outline

bullet Workshop Introduction

bullet Structured Interview Process

bullet Step 1: Establish a Purpose and Achievable Goal

bullet Step 2: Identify What You Know in Advance

bullet Step 3: Prepare a List of Questions in Advance

bullet Step 4: Plan Your Interview

bullet Step 5: Conduct Your Interview

bullet Step 6: Follow-up As Needed

bullet Tips and Guidelines for Structured Note Taking

bullet Wrap-up