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Kraft Foods


bulletAllocation System Category Manager User Requirements (2001)

bulletBEST Food Safety Training (1999-2001)

bulletBilling Training (1995)

bulletBroker System Training (1996)

bulletCustomer Pricing Request (CPR) System User Requirements (2001)

bulletCritical Inventory Process Training (1995)

bulletDeal Maintenance System Training (1992)

bulletEDI Coordinator Training (1994)

bulletElectronic Performance Support System (1995-1995)

bulletFood Ingredients Integration (1997)

bulletFoodservice Integration (1996-1998)

bulletHawaii Integration and Business Differences (1994)

bulletKraft Foodservice (Alliant) Divestiture (1995)

bulletNabisco Foodservice Integration (2001-2002)

bulletMilitary Ingtegration and Business Deifferences (1994)

bulletNon-List Pricing (NLP) Process Mapping & System Definition (1996)

bulletNon-List Pricing (NLP) Web Site (1998)

bulletOrder Management System Training (1994)

bulletSafety CBT Implementation (2000-2001)

bulletTrade Deal Reengineering and Training (1993)

bulletUCS II Sales Training (1995)

bulletViaLink Sales Training (1999)